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Boulder, Colorado

Affordable Housing

Boulder does not have a housing crisis; it has an affordable housing crisis, and our efforts must be directed towards creating more housing that will provide a range of options for our citizens. We need to create more affordable housing, particularly housing for middle-class working families, using new financial structures and more direct involvement in the development process by the City. We must emphasize affordable housing over luxury residential development. The Boulder Valley Comp Plan estimates that Boulder can accommodate 50,000 additional jobs and 6,000 additional housing units. We need to change that ratio so that we can house more of our workers, and do so in housing that promotes more diversity in Boulder. In particular, we need to protect middle-income residents, and provide more middle-income housing.

Focus more efforts on preservation of existing low-income and middle-income housing. The demolition of relatively affordable housing at the Eastpointe apartment complex and its replacement by much more expensive market-rate units is exactly the kind of development that does not benefit Boulder.

Councilmen Bob Yates and Sam Weaver have proposed a middle- income down payment assistance program to make more homes affordable to a wider array of income levels. I support that program enthusiastically.

Our mobile home residents can be subject to arbitrary evictions and punitive rent increases, and they deserve a government that will use its authority to protect them where possible. Our present Council has taken a number of positive steps to protect our mobile homes residents, and I unqualifiedly support those efforts.

Finally, we need to work together with CU to encourage the university to house a greater proportion of their student population. The growth of CU enrollment, now at approximately 34,000, and the need of students for housing outside of the university, is a significant driver of housing cost in Boulder. Where we can work together to help alleviate the current problem, we should do so.