Grow Smarter Together


We need to grow smarter, not merely bigger. We should promote future development that serves community needs, not simply the financial returns of large, out-of-state investment funds. There will be future growth in Boulder; our task is to direct and manage it to create the greatest community benefit.


The small businesses that all of us appreciate and rely on are under constant rental pressure and the threat of future development. Without these businesses Boulder loses much of its character, and all of us could end up having to drive to Longmont for a simple shoe repair. While Boulder is not permitted to authorize any form of commercial rent control, we should explore the possibility of enacting special artisan and small business zoning districts, where businesses can know that they will not be replaced by higher paying banks and chain pharmacies.


Our vibrant business community is the source of the high paying jobs that provide the tax base to fund the many programs that serve all city residents. Our reputation as an incubator for start-ups, ranging from companies developing the next great energy drink, new advance in cycling technology or innovative app, is a central part of Boulder’s identity. We need this entrepreneurial spirit, and should continue to support the presence of these companies in this community.


Growing smarter means that our future growth should occur within the framework of our current height limitations; they make Boulder the unique city that it is. While these limits create restrictions on growing vertically, we are still able to achieve greater density and taller structures in areas that can accommodate it and are appropriate for that type of development. I believe that most residents of Boulder support that vision, and I will be firm in its defense.