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Boulder, Colorado

Promote Public Health

Boulder is perhaps the most public health oriented community in America, yet we have tolerated the exponential growth of vaping nicotine, particularly among our young. This issue is personal to me: I come from a family in which smoking was common, and my father contracted lung cancer in both lungs. We should use all of Boulder’s authority to do the following:

  1. Limit access to vaping paraphernalia by underage users.

  2. Raise the age limits for purchasing vaping products to 21 years;

  3. Prohibit the sale of flavored vaping products;

  4. License shops that sell vaping materials;

  5. Implement taxes on vaping products and enhance our enforcement capabilities.

There should be no place for underage vaping in our schools or our community. Council has taken initial steps to enact all of the above proposals, and I strongly support those actions.