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Boulder, Colorado

Improve Our Transportation System; Incentives for Public Transportation

Continue to promote the increased use of bicycles and electric bicycles. Develop more greenway paths to promote the safety of riders and incentivize transportation alternatives to automobiles.

Encourage RTD to move towards smaller, electrified buses and vans that run more frequently. Large 40-foot buses carrying four passengers are arguably more damaging than transporting those passengers in cars.

There needs to be investment in more bus stops that are sheltered on three sides with a roof, and with a bench to rest on. If we want people to use buses in the cold of February, in an afternoon thunderstorm, or on 98-degree days, we need to provide at least minimal shelter from the elements. More frequent, smaller buses can also reduce wait times and make the experience of riding the bus more pleasant.

We have many in-commuters each day from Longmont for work, and traffic is evolving from difficult to untenable. I support proposed improvements to 119, but I would couple this with improvements to bus service between the two cities. If we want people to leave their cars at home, we need to provide them with a more frequent and convenient alternative means of transportation.